Apprenticeships at Afton in the UK

We have two 3-year Technician Scientist Apprenticeships available in partnership with the CSR Group – starting September 2023. This opportunity offers you: 

  • Fully funded qualification
  • Salary and benefits
  • Internal and external training
  • 4 days per week of hands-on work experience
  • 1 day per week dedicated to learning via online lectures
  • Flexible work and study time, study in the office or at home, whatever suits you better
  • 1-week residential study week
  • Access to future internal career opportunities
  • Work alongside and learn from expert scientists and engineers
Based in Bracknell in Berkshire, Afton Chemical Ltd develops, manufactures, blends, and delivers leading-edge additive technology for fuels and lubricants for Oil Companies and vehicle and equipment manufacturers worldwide. Our additives help fuels burn cleaner, engines run smoother, and machines last longer across traditional and electrified industries.
The roles will sit within the Mechanical, Analytical, or Technical teams, working in our labs that support the research and development of our market-leading products. You will learn how to operate industry tests and develop a technical understanding of Afton’s cutting-edge chemistry.
Joining three other Apprentices on the same course will give you the support of learning as a group. If you come up against a tricky subject, there will always be someone to ask questions and bounce ideas off, whether that be your tutor, manager, colleague, mentor, or a fellow student.
The apprenticeship will give you real-world, on-the-job training and knowledge, which have genuine, practical applications – you will benefit from the theoretical knowledge you gain through your studies but can then put that into practice in our fully-equipped labs.
You will have the opportunity to rotate around different business areas and gain a breadth of experience during your time with us.
On successfully completing this level 5 course, you will be awarded an HND qualification in Chemistry. These credits are easily transferable, should you wish to top up to a Bachelor’s degree.
At the end of the three years and following a successful final assessment, you will leave with an industry-recognised qualification and valuable hands-on work experience in a highly competitive marketplace.

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What is it like to be an apprentice at Afton?

To hear about Hannah’s experience of being an apprentice at Afton in the UK, watch the video below:


Frequently Asked Questions

    • We are part of a global corporation that considers itself the world’s biggest small company. We have offices across the globe, and our matrix structure connects us all as one larger team.
    • Family-owned, every individual is important, far beyond their job role, and is reflective in the working environment we provide.
    • Our open-door policy supports a truly open and collaborative environment. Our Leadership Team will want to know you, and you’ll see them regularly in the office, at the coffee machine, in the canteen, etc.
    • The warm welcome you receive from your very first steps through the door, to your detailed induction and beyond, will be felt throughout your working life here.
    • You will get real-world exposure to a collaborative, supportive work environment.
    • You will network and be mentored by professional engineers, chemists, and technicians.
    • You will take part in the research and development of new products with the aim of seeing them achieve commercial success. You will get to see how a business functions and how other parts of the business can influence development.
    • You will rotate around to different departments, gaining exposure to various aspects of the company.
    • You will gain practical, hands-on laboratory and industry testing experience.
    • The apprenticeship will lead to an HND-level Chemistry qualification. Those credits can be used towards a degree, should you wish to complete a higher level of qualification.
    • Industrial lab safety practices
    • The importance and use of quality systems
    • Use commercially available scientific equipment
    • Practical application of software
    • Technical skills
    • Time management
    • An apprenticeship starts to build your CV with relevant industrial lab experience. You will get trained on multiple machines and learn many different testing methods.
    • It will give you an opportunity to discover new personal interests as you get more exposure to the business/company.
    • You will get opportunities to take the lead in proposing/implementing new ideas related to workflow or instrumentation (e.g., record keeping, user guides, best practices). These are all great skills to bolster your CV!
    • The teaching is very flexible. The course is taught through lectures that are recorded and are available to rewatch in case you miss something.
    • All course material is provided through an online portal.
    • Every 6 weeks there is a catch-up with the tutor to make sure you’re on track.
    • The apprenticeship is an 80:20 split - 4 days working and 1 day studying. You will have the flexibility to study from home or on-site in a quiet space or with your fellow apprentices. Supplemental study or coursework will be required to pass.
    • All coursework has deadlines throughout the schooling terms.
    • You will work on a personal research project for 3-6 months with Afton during the 3-year period.
    • There is an end-point assessment with an external assessor. The learning provider will help support you in your preparation for this.
    • Your work is directly related to your studies, and you can use your experience to decide whether to pursue employment immediately after graduation or to continue with advanced studies.
    • You are earning a salary whilst receiving a formally recognised qualification in a debt-free way.
    • You will have regular financial reviews based on performance during the apprenticeship.
    • From the age of 22, you will automatically be enrolled in the Company pension scheme.