Water Use Optimization

At our Singapore Facility, we use a cooling water system for process cooling. One of the key parameters of the cooling water system that we monitor and control is conductivity. Conductivity indicates the build-up of impurities that could lower heat transfer efficiency in our equipment. Water with high impurities is discharged to maintain the proper conductivity, and fresh cooling water “makeup” is then introduced into the system. The plant reduced water demand by optimizing the conductivity target and discharge, which had environmental and business benefits. 
As a direct result of changing the conductivity setting, the amount of water discharged to the public sewer for water treatment was reduced by 11,000 m3 (or approximately 3 million gallons) annually. There was also a reduction in the cooling water chemicals usage.
Singapore Public Utilities Board states that water is a precious resource, and its prudent use is key to Singapore’s water sustainability. Water conservation continues to be critical to Singapore’s success, and we are proud to support its efforts.