Join Afton Chemical at the 2022 NLGI Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


We are excited to announce that Afton Chemical will be a Platinum Sponsor for the upcoming NLGI 2022 Annual Meeting at The Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto Canada, June 12th – 15th.
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Afton’s Technical Session at NLGI
Tuesday, June 14th
9:00 – 9:40  in the Frontenac Ballroom
Fully Loaded:  A Study of Additive Response in Meeting NLGI’s New HPM + HL Grease Specification
presented by Shawne Edwards-Zollar, Industrial CTS Specialist
While much of the sustainability discussion with regard to lubrication is focused on the footprint of the lubricant, the reduction of wear and improved protection under extreme pressure leads to a net positive benefit on the environment by extending machine life, lowering friction and improving overall efficiency. This so-called “handprint” can be greatly influenced by additive selection and optimized grease formulations for specific applications.
NLGI’s new set of industry specifications for High Performance Multiuse (HPM) greases includes a category designed for applications needing additional performance under High Load (+HL). This category targets higher performance in standard bench tests such as 4 Ball EP and Wear but also introduces two relatively new methods for grease evaluation using the Optimol SRV instrument. These new tests are both ASTM standards and evaluate greases for extreme pressure performance (ASTM D5706) and fretting wear protection (ASTM D7594). A study was carried out in lithium complex grease to understand the appetite of these two oscillating, ball-on-disc tests for additive componentry and to allow optimization of a grease formulation to meet all four of these “+HL” tests. The work was carried out using advanced statistical techniques to make the best use of time and resources. Discussion of the approach, process and conclusions will be presented.