CTI Symposium US 2021

Afton Chemical Technical Director, Driveline R&D, Christopher Cleveland to present, on Thursday, September 9th at 3:15pm EST.

"eDrive Fluid selection: Conventional vs Next Generation linked to real world outcomes,"

This exciting opportunity will discuss the following key points:
  • Diversity of designs means divergent needs
  • esting at different scale is a valuable tool for managing risk
  • The lubricant offers large potential to deliver efficiency and reliability
  • The optimum solution will differ for each OEM
  • Working closely with expert partners is the best way to tap this value

For more information, visit the event site for the CTI SYMPOSIUM USA Path to Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 - Electrification is the Name of the Game!

International Congress and Expo; 8 - 9 September 2021 I Digital Edition

Register for this event at https://drivetrain-symposium.world/us/