Getting Into Gear Book Launched as an App

Getting Into Gear Book Launched as an App

Afton brings a depth of gear experience spanning over four decades and with it, a tool box of sophisticated gear chemistry. The Afton tool box includes gear additives, limited slip top treats and an array of shear stable polymers - all designed for the modern gear oil formulator. The success of Afton gear chemistry comes from our unique innovation that comes from deliberate alignment between our in-house manufacturing and gear test teams.

Built on Afton’s bedrock of experience and industry insights, our Getting into Gear™ book has been valued by our customers and the industry as a comprehensive guide to Automotive Gear Oils since it was first launched in 2004.
And now, all this information is available to you on your iPhone and iPad, via our new app! This is the first digital edition of the book and has been designed as an interactive reference tool for our oil company partners, our distributors, OEMs and our own staff. Indeed it is for anyone Getting into Gear™.

It includes new detailed animations and gives readers access to a wealth of information covering the different types of gears, applications, market trends in hardware and fluids, and the additives and specifications for manual transmissions and axles.

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The Afton Driveline range of lubricant additives covers Automatic Transmissions, Automotive Gear and Off Road applications. This book focuses on Automotive Gear Oils: the different types of gears, applications, market trends in hardware and fluids; and the additives and specifications for manual transmissions and axles.

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