Fluid protection for electrified bearings

Bearing failure modes in electric drive systems are increasingly under scrutiny. Specific types of damage are being observed in bearings, causing discernible vibration and noise. An in-depth understanding of the mechanisms that lead to this type of failure is essential for developing mitigating solutions. With a focus on bespoke in-house testing, Afton Chemical is exploring the benefits of lubricant additives as a cost-effective solution while developing bearing tests with greater relevance and value to the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry.

This article explores that despite variations in hardware design, OEMs face many common EV lubrication challenges – one being how best to protect eMotor bearings operating in an electrified environment. Afton’s close OEM partnerships have helped to create a bespoke rig and test method that can accurately assess electrified bearing performance quickly and repeatedly. This has huge potential as a valuable industry test, with new bearing durability tests being considered in parallel. With this greater system understanding, engineers and chemists can work together to establish the best possible fluid solutions for current and future electric drive designs.


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