ATIEL Introduces New Compliance Policy

ATIEL Compliance Policy

ATIEL (Association Technique de l'Industrie Européenne des Lubrifiants) recently introduced a new Compliance Policy that impacts lubricant marketers currently making ACEA performance claims or desire to do so. In order to be fully compliant with the new ATIEL policy, lubricant marketers are required to submit a Letter of Conformance (LoC). See below for details and what steps to take to comply.

Who is ATIEL and what do they do?

ATIEL is the Industry body that represents European Lubricant manufacturers and marketers. ATIEL defines the ATIEL Code of Practice (CoP) which in turn, along with other industry bodies, helps define the rules that need to be followed to develop engine oils for ACEA Oil sequences (aka ACEA specifications). This is similar to how the American Petroleum Institute (API) oversees lubricant specifications in the United States (i.e. API SN, API CK-4). 

What is changing?

Going forward, ATIEL will be monitoring compliance closely.  If a lubricant marketer has not signed the LoC but is making ACEA performance claims they will be notified and asked to either sign the LoC or remove the claims.  ATIEL is also requiring an annual fee of €975 for lubricant marketers that wish to sign the LoC and make ACEA performance claims. In addition, they will be conducting product surveys/quality checks on finished oils.

Why is ATIEL making these changes and what are the benefits?

ATIEL is strengthening the compliance system in an effort to help ensure the quality of finished oils making ACEA performance claims.  Besides being able to make ACEA performance claims, LoC signatories will have exclusive access to a new registered quality trademark (similar to API’s donut and starburst) as well as have privileged access to training and educational materials.  

How will it impact lubricant marketers and what do they need to do?

Any lubricant marketer wishing to make ACEA performance claims must sign the LoC, register online and pay the annual fee of €975.  Lubricant marketers do not have to be a member of ATIEL in order to sign the LoC.  All previously signed LoC letters expired on October 31, 2017.

For information on how to register and sign the LoC, click here.
For the most current list of registered lubricant marketer, click here.

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