From Insight to Foresight

OEMs are having to develop solutions to brand new challenges in incredibly short timescales. This can leave uncertainties around eMotor reliability, efficiency and lubricant interaction. Finding a common language between hardware designers and lubricant chemists is often difficult, especially when eMotors, eAxles and the materials inside them are eVolving so quickly.
The article below explores how both OEMs and lubricant additive developers can benefit from taking a more advanced approach to testing, using specialist test rigs to generate more actionable insights. The better the interaction between the parties, the better it works. Collaboratively devising relevant test rigs and protocols and providing more insights into the chemistry, makes it much easier for OEMs to mitigate risk and bring optimized designs to market quickly, reliably and efficiently.


This article featured in the November 2021 edition of Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Magazine.

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