Cool Collaborations

eMobility is, quite literally, a hot topic. Electrified vehicles (EVs) generate a considerable heat that, if allowed to build up, can impact sensitive systems. Air-cooling or indirect jacket cooling with glycol are basic and commonly used systems to keep temperatures down. However, applying a coolant directly to the electrified parts could unlock much greater opportunities.
Direct oil cooling is helping eMobility push new boundaries and not just via the eMotor! Batteries, power electronics and charging systems can also benefit from this more effective cooling method. With the right coolant capable of delivering efficiency as well as reliability, future design is best optimized when developing hardware and fluids side by side.
Read the article below to explore how getting the coolant right can offer improved reliability, responsiveness, and peak efficiency throughout an electrified powertrain. Early collaboration between OEMs and fluid formulators, informed by insights from in-house testing, should not be the exception but the rule.


Featured in the Winter 2021 edition of e-mobility technology international Magazine.

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