Electrified transmission fluid design

Proven performance history is attractive for OEMs hoping to avoid the need for dedicated electrified transmission fluid (ETF) in the supply chain. However despite increasing electrification, some manufacturers still use existing lubricants to both cool and protect transmissions and electric motors. The rapid pace of change in hybrid and electric vehicle development brings additional lubricant demands and opportunities for enhanced performance, neither of which should be overlooked. The speed of hardware evolution means the lifespan of today’s new lubricants can be as short as 12-36 months instead of the typical six or seven years.
Read the article below to explore why Afton believes it is vital for OEMs to review regularly and discuss with additive partners whether fluids and fluid testing are still fit for purpose and any new opportunities that arise as the right balance of performance is reached. Close supplier partnerships are vital to ensure that ETF enables OEMs to keep driving powertrain designs forward without being held back.


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