Keeping Your Balance

From the latest electric vehicle technology such as direct-cooled eMotors and multi-speed eAxles, to emerging technology such as immersion-cooled battery modules, all can benefit from targeted lubricant additive solutions. Modern lubricants work exceptionally hard to deliver the right balance of cooling, protection, efficiency, and reliability for a myriad of vehicle systems. The additives in these lubricants can dramatically enhance performance and be pivotal in bringing new hardware to market. Successful engineering is all about balance and Afton’s value lies in its ability to unlock new technology through the right blend of additives as well as understanding the importance of close and early partnerships between those providing the specialist lubricant technology and those developing the hardware. This article explores how Afton Chemical offers a guiding hand to help each partner find - and keep - their balance.


Featured in the Spring 2021 addition of e-mobility Technology International Magazine. The full magazine can be found here -  e-mobility Technology International Magazine, Spring 2021
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