Chemistry is Everything

Heavy commercial vehicles are electrifying. Globally, emissions mandates are dictating this course of action and major OEM CEOs have already stated their ambitions to lead in this space. OEM engineers have revealed significant anxiety about its unknown risks and highlighted the performance areas they find most challenging in this uncharted territory. The solution may start with the question, what can be learned by eCV (electric commercial vehicles) engineers from passenger car electrification?
Afton Chemical has brought together its decades-long history in heavy duty vehicle lubrication and its expertise in passenger car eFluids to better understand eCV lubrication. Optimization is best achieved through close working partnerships with technology experts such as lubricant additive suppliers whose understanding of chemistry, when combined with applied engineering and test capabilities, provides valuable opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce risk.
Read the article below to understand how dedicated lubricants for electrified heavy duty commercial vehicles are designed to handle the high demands of eCV motors.


Featured in the March 2022 edition of Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International Magazine.

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