A new option for calcium sulphonate greases: providing greater manufacturing flexibility

With heightened lithium demand and price volatility, many grease producers are diversifying their technology portfolio to include calcium sulphonate greases. Calcium sulphonate has long been considered the performance champion with its high shock load protection, good structural strength, seal protection, and water washout resistance. In response, Afton Chemical created a patented process that enables manufacturers to make a high-performing complex grease from its 300TBN calcium sulphonate grease. However, the promoter used in this patented grease process, isopropyl alcohol, has multiple safety classifications. Considering the difficulties in handling, Afton worked to identify a replacement promoter with a higher flashpoint and lower safety restrictions, recognizing that any substitute would not increase the formulation costs nor detract from the finished grease’s performance.

Afton developed a solution that provides manufacturers greater flexibility while addressing traditional safety handling risks and retaining performance. This improved patented process speeds up calcium sulphonate grease production. In addition to requiring less thickener, it now utilizes a promotor with improved health and safety handling. This ultimately gives grease manufacturers control over their production and reassurance of safety.



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