Monoacid Lubricity Improvers

Monoacid Lubricity Improvers

Afton has changed the way lubricity is achieved with a customized monoacid solution that is 100% safe and significantly more affordable than neutral esters.

Our three climate-specific monoacid solutions are designed to deliver the optimal lubricity blend for your region. Available as a lubricity improver or a combination lubricity plus conductivity improver, Afton’s monoacid lubricity solutions ensure outstanding performance and protection without the use of excess solvents.

Afton’s monoacid lubricity improvers have treated 20% of on-road diesel fuel in the U.S. since 2008—with zero performance issues. Proven to be as safe and effective as neutral lubricity improvers, our HiTEC® 4170/4170AS, HiTEC® 4171/4171AS and HiTEC® 4172/4172AS solutions offer:


Save Up To 70% Without Sacrificing Performance 

Significantly more cost-effective than esters, Afton's HiTEC® 4170 series can help you meet or exceed ASTM D975 lubricity specifications for ULSD. What's more, monoacid lubricity additives deliver superior performance at lower treat rates across all climate zones—driving home even more savings. For example, customers in Zone 0 can lower treat rates by up to 50% for traditional monoacid packages and up to 70% for traditional neutral packages by making the switch to HiTEC® 4170.

View your zone below to learn more about our customized monoacid lubricity solutions.


Zone 0: HiTEC® 4170 and HiTEC 4170AS®
Formulated for maximum activity and efficiency to take advantage of warmer temperatures in southern and west coast regions. 

Zone 1: HiTEC® 4171 and HiTEC® 4171AS
Formulated to provide the improved low-temperature handling needed in this region, while still delivering more activity pound for pound than the competition. 

Zone 2: HiTEC® 4172 and HiTEC® 4172AS
Formulated to meet the more severe cold temperature handling requirements of the northern region. 

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