AvGuard AO 609

A Versatile Oxidation Inhibitor for Jet Fuels, Gasoline and ULSD


AvGuard™ AO 609 is a versatile phenolic antioxidant recommended for use in jet fuels, gasoline and ULSD. It is a non-corrosive and nonhydrolysable additive that inhibits fuel decomposition products (gum) during storage. 

Key Performance Benefits

AvGuard™ AO 609 meets all major civil and military specifications for transportation fuels including the British Ministry of Defense RDE/A/609 requirements.

Recommended Dosage

Please contact your local Afton Chemical Representative for specific treat rate recommendations.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

AvGuard™ AO 609 should be stored above its freeze point to minimize handling issues. If the product should solidify, it can be gently warmed with low-pressure steam or drum warmers. The maximum handling temperature is 50°C / 122°F. Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet for specific handling and safety information.