Aviation Fuel Additives

Afton’s Refinery and Distribution fuel additives allow refiners, pipeline and terminal operators, and cargo treaters to ensure their fuels meet local specification requirements in the most cost-effective and convenient way.

Why choose AvGuard™ for your aviation additive needs?

Afton Chemical’s range of AvGuard™ aviation fuel additives represent many years of development and evaluation, and include some of the most tested and assured fuel additives available. This means they will meet the needs of our customers – first time and every time.

Afton brings solutions to customers with a partnership focused on quality, value and delivery.  What’s more, our continuing investment in R&D will keep Afton – and our customers – at the forefront of aviation fuel additive technology.

Click here to download AvGuard™ SDA Static Dissipating Additive for Aviation Fuels product data sheet. AvGuard™ SDA Aviation Fuel Additive is a highly effective solution for improving the conductivity of jet fuel but it can also be used in ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) and gasoline (ULSG).

Click here to download AvGuard™ CI/LI Corrosion Inhibitor/Lubricity Improver additive product data sheet. It is civil and military approved to ensure pipelines remain secure and aviation fuel pumps are protected.

Click here to download AvGuard™ MDA metal de-activator is highly effective for use in diesel and gasoline as well as domestic heating oil. AvGuard™ MDA additive is also approved for jet fuel applications.

Click here to download AvGuard™ AO 609 is a versatile phenolic antioxidant recommended for use in jet fuels, gasoline and ULSD. It is a non-corrosive and nonhydrolysable additive that inhibits fuel decomposition products (gum) during storage.