Automotive Gear Oil Additive Booster
現在利用できる地域 Europe, Middle East, Africa, India (EMEAI)

Key Performance Benefits

AB6 additive booster as part of the Axcel® family of additives. AB6 boosts Axcel® S to HiTEC® 343, a multifunctional gear oil additive that delivers:

  • Automotive and Industrial performance
  • Cost savings at all treats
  • Unique MAN and ZF approval - MAN 342 M2 (160,000km), ZF TE-ML 12E (bus axles)
  • Inventory control through it’s multifunctionality

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for AB6 additive is 0.6% wt. as a booster to Axcel® S to give HiTEC® 343 additive.

Typical Characteristics

Axcel® Family Benefits

The new Axcel® family of core and additive boosters offers:

  • Top treats to a range of applications at competitive treat-rates
  • Reduced inventory control
  • Improved plant utilisation
  • Flexibility to meet peak demand
  • Security and confidence from a product in a family of gear additives with an extensive history of trouble-free performance worldwide