The Growing Need for Dual Clutch Transmission Fluids

Rapid Growth For DCT Fluid

Within the next 5 years, the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) will become the largest part of the transmission service-fill market in Europe due to several market drivers, including:
  • Strong growth in automatics in Europe and emerging markets  (by 2025 in Europe, 20% of the ATF will be decided by DCT – nearly half of sales into passenger car transmissions)
  • Ability to improve fuel economy
  • Links to existing OEM infrastructure and supply chain
  • Easy to also link into start/stop and hybrid technology
Therefore, to appropriately service independent workshops, OEMs will need a DCT fluid in their Driveline portfolios.

DCTs feature two wet (in-oil) multi-plate clutches that allow two gears to be engaged on separate shafts at the same time. The clutches are activated electro-mechanically, engaging and disengaging in unison, routing power from one gear set to another without loss of drive. The result: smooth gear changes and improved fuel economy. DCT systems have been in production since 2002, and as the demand for them continues to grow, fluid additives must address the unique performance needs of these transmissions.

Balancing all of the necessary performance requirements is crucial for an effective DCT fluid, and Afton additives provide sophisticated frictional properties for the double clutch, superior protection for the gear sets, and state-of-the-art synchronizer performance across a wide range of synchronizer materials (see figure 1).

Afton is currently the market and technology leader in DCT fluid, offering a range of technology tailored for OEMs around the globe which rely on our industry-leading expertise in testing and evaluation of DCT fluids.

Figure 1: Functions of Wet Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

Introducing HiTEC® 3460

HiTEC® 3460 is a premium wet DCT fluid additive DI package specifically designed for service fill application. 

Key Performance Benefits

For the Oil Marketer:
  • Multi vehicle suitability enabling optimized supply chain and reduced operational cost
  • Peace-of-mind with the latest DCTF additive technology provided by the market leader in wet DCT factory fill applications
  • Assurance through robust performance demonstrated in standard industry and OEM tests as well as extensive field testing 
For the Driver:
  • Exceptional copper corrosion protection for better hardware durability
  • Excellent oxidation control to provide longer fluid life
  • Outstanding torque capacity retention to provide smooth shift feel without NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) concern
  • Good seal compatibility for better leakage prevention
Click here view the HiTEC® 3460 Product Data Sheet
For more detailed information about Afton’s DCT product offerings, contact an Afton representative.

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