Unlocking premium hydraulic fluid potential with zinc-free additive technology

Over the years, hydraulic fluid development has had to keep pace with increasingly demanding hardware operating conditions, driven largely by pump manufacturers. Traditionally zinc-based technology has been the go-to option used to achieve top tier OEM performance, defined by increased productivity. However, fast forward to recent years, end-users are not only looking to maximize productivity, they are also increasingly focused on the environmental impacts of their fluids. This creates lubricant formulation challenges that require additive expertise as well as strong technical insight.

This article explores how premium hydraulic fluids with the latest zinc-free additive technology can deliver exceptional, long-lasting protection for even the most demanding pumps and systems, validated by bench and pump testing as well as extended field trials. Afton foresees solid growth in performance fluids that replace traditional zinc with far more effective chemistries.

Featured in the November 2023 digital edition of Lube Magazine

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