HiTEC® 3488 Two Transmissions. One Solution. Endless Efficiency.

Two Transmissions. One Solution. Endless Efficiency.

HiTEC® 3488: The transmission additive that pulls double duty

HiTEC® 3488 Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive is Afton Chemical’s innovative multifunctional fluid additive package, designed to serve both traditional step-ATs and CVTs with just one convenient blend. 

Now, you can simplify your logistics and get proven performance gains with this extensively tested and proven transmission solution. 

• Simplified logistics with the blending and storing of a single transmission fluid
• Excellent performance proven by comprehensive testing and field trials
• Reduced misapplications for step-ATs and CVTs
• Excellent anti-shudder durability performance measured in JASO M315-1A friction tests
• High steel-on-steel friction and wear protection with proven field performance

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