HiTEC® 152

Tackifier Component
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Superior tackiness
  • Surface adhesion
  • Mist Coalescence
  • Multifunctional - suitable for use in a range of lubricant and grease applications


HiTEC® 152 Additive is a combination of a high molecular weight polymer in a selected mineral oil. It contributes significantly to lubricant retention, film thickness and surface adhesion. HiTEC® 152 Additive may be usefully incorporated in a wide variety of lubricating oils, such as lubricants for chain saws, chains, open gears, rock drills, slideways, metal working, wire ropes and textile machinery. Further applications are seen in greases, paints, sealants and mastics, preservative oils and other areas where good surface adhesion is important. HiTEC® 152 is also useful in grease (all soap types) to reduce water spray off, and may also be used to provide mist coalescence in a variety of lubricants which are delivered via a misting system.

Recommended Dosage

Typical dosages range between 0.5% to 2.0% wt. for the formulation of bar and chain lubricants, open-gear lubricants, slideway oils and other oils. Higher dosages of up to 10% may be appropriate in some specialty applications. Please contact your Afton Chemical representative for specific recommendations.

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 80°C
Shelf Life: 60 months

For blends containing temperature sensitive components, blend HiTEC® 152 additive first and allow the blend to cool before adding other components.

Typical Characteristics