HiTEC® 833

Ashless Antiwear Additive
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HiTEC® 833 is an ashless antiwear additive containing phosphorus and sulfur. It is very effective in many industrial lubricant and grease applications where the presence of zinc is undesirable or ineffective.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Useful in boosting performance in a variety of tests including TIMKEN, 4-ball Wear, FZG and Vane Pump in industrial oils
  • Especially useful for reducing fretting wear in grease
  • Suitable for use with a variety of grease thickeners
  • Ashless
  • Chlorine-free
  • Soluble in mineral and synthetic base oils

Recommended Dosage

HiTEC® 833 may be used between 0.1% wt. and 2.0 % wt. depending on the application. Please contact your Afton Chemical representative for specific recommendations.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 60°C
Shelf Life: 12 months @ ambient temperature