HiTEC® 8888

Transmission and Drive Train Additive Package
Disponibilidad actual por regiones Asia Pacific North America
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Covers both CNG and diesel applications
  • Broad OEM profiles
  • Reduces inventories and simplifies logistics
  • Proven field trial performance (45,000 KM drain)
  • Delivers the performance benefits previously met by synthetic fluids
  • Provides an economic formulation style using Group I base stocks and Conventional OCP


HiTEC® 8888 off-road transmission and drive train oil additive package is designed to provide balanced frictional characteristics for power shift transmissions and wet brake applications. This multifunctional fluid can be used throughout the transmission, hydraulics, and final drives for a wide range of machinery.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: (<24 hours) 70°C
Shelf Life: 3 months @ 50°C
36 months @ ambient temperature

Recommended Dosage

Contact your Afton representative for specific dosage recommendations.

Treat Rate & Claims


In addition, field trial studies have been conducted in a variety of equipment using fluids formulated with HiTEC® 8888.