HiTEC® 10400U

Corrosion Inhibitor & Lubricity Improver
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Deactivate both iron and copper
  • Provide improved color stability
  • Reduce sediment and gum formation
  • Improve fuel fungibility


HiTEC® 10400U corrosion inhibitor and lubricity improver is a complex metal deactivator which is effective on iron, copper, and several other metals. HiTEC® 10400U not only deactivates the deleterious trace metal contaminants, but it also inhibits oxidation and esterification reactions in the absence of these metal species. HiTEC® 10400U will provide the required stability as a single chemical treatment on most fuels. The required stability is normally specified by the refining company, pipeline company, or end user. HiTEC® 10400U is a multifunctional additive that minimizes both color degradation and sediment formation.

HiTEC® 10400U will effectively deactivate metals in home heating oil, gasoline, diesel fuels, turbine fuels, kerosene, and residual fuel oils. It is effective on both virgin and cracked distillates. It can be employed as a single chemical treatment or it can be used to enhance the performance of other stability additives. Stability testing on a candidate fuel will indicate the fuel's specific requirement.

Recommended Dosage

Proper treatment levels for HiTEC® 10400U depend on many factors such as fuel reactivity, metal levels in the fuel being treated, and the severity of the test the product is required to pass. This product is to be used in accordance with control procedures Afton Chemical establishes for each specific application.

For consistent effectiveness, HiTEC® 10400U must be fed continuously by a chemical proportioning pump. It is usually fed to either the combined product stream or to the least stable component of the final fuel blend. DO NOT MIX with other stabilizers or process chemicals unless compatibility has been checked with Product Management.

For best treatment performance, the HiTEC® 10400U program must be conscientiously evaluated by periodically checking metals levels and conducting stability testing on the treated product stream. Afton Chemical is equipped to conduct all standard fuel stability tests to ensure that our customers are receiving the maximum return on their investment with Afton Chemical's finished product  additives.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: Please inquire
Shelf Life: 24 months