HiTEC® 9388X

Passenger Car Additive Package
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Key Performance Benefits

HiTEC® 9388X is a cost-effective and field-proven engine oil performance additive for use in Passenger car applications meeting ACEA 2010 requirements and is “future-proofed” for ACEA 2012. It enables the lubricant blender to provide both value and reassurance to the end-user in this competitive economic mainstream sector for older vehicles.

Standard Profile: ACEA A3/B3/B4-10, API SL, MB 229.1

Through the use of a booster, HiTEC® 9552, an upgraded performance profile is also attainable.
Upgraded profile: ACEA A3/B3/B4-10, API SN, MB 229.1, Renault RN 0700

HiTEC® 9387X continues to be available for ACEA A3/B3-10, MB 229.1 performance level only.


To aid logistical flexibility to meet both ACEA categories cost-effectively, the performance of HiTEC® 9388X is also achieved using a booster approach, HiTEC® 9559, which is added to HiTEC® 9387X.


  • HiTEC® 9388X is ready for ACEA 2010 and upgraded from over 7 years of field proven technology
  • Provides confidence with Biodiesel, where field trial data demonstrates a significant advantage in piston cleanliness
  • Delivers “future-proof” technology for ACEA 2012, meaning no further change required until at least 2015, minimising logistics and approval costs


  • Continues to deliver cost-effective options for both ACEA performance levels
  • Targeted marketing optimises cost and return – avoids “cost give- away”
  • Cost-effective formulation and logistical simplicity through widely- available components

Typical Characteristics


HiTEC® 9388X continues to be the cost-effective additive solution for the significant older passenger car market in Europe.

ACEA A3/B3 provides the basic category for ALL gasoline and most older Diesel vehicles - Best solution for the older vehicle mass market.

ACEA A3/B4 provides a further performance upgrade for Direct Injection Diesel engines and covers ACEA A3/B3 requirements- Best solution for markets where Diesel car parcs dominate.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended treat rates are as follows:
HiTEC® 9388X – ACEA A3/B4-10 @ 11.2%
HiTEC® 9387X – ACEA A3/B3-10 @ 10.4%
+ HiTEC® 9559 Booster @ 1.1%
For API SN or RN0700, add HiTEC® 9552 booster @ 0.2%