Video One: Introducing HDEO market trends

The Commercial Vehicle (CV) sector is constantly evolving due to ever-increasing environmental and commercial pressures. At Afton Chemical, we have identified the following five key trends influencing this sector: 
  1. Lowering total cost of ownership
  2. Reducing emissions 
  3. Improving fuel economy
  4. Higher power density of engines; and 
  5. Hybridization and electrification of CVs
Watch our video below with Dr. Alisdair Brown, Afton’s R&D Technical Director for Engine Oil Global Development, as we look at each of these trends in more detail.

You can also watch the other two videos in this series: 
Thanks to the technical expertise Afton has across the globe, we are well-placed to answer any questions arising from these changes. For more information, fill in the website form or contact your Afton Chemical representative.