Are you copper confident?

Compatibility testing has come a long way. Older test methods have evolved from simply bathing a copper strip in hot oil and then visually inspecting the result. However, the future of copper compatibility testing may lie in the latest suite of enhanced, multi-phase tests, which offer greater sensitivity and insight into failure modes. A test, designed by Afton Chemical, which uses standardized printed circuit boards (PCBs) instead of thin copper wire, may be the best solution. Understanding copper corrosion failure modes is fundamental to EV reliability and longevity; OEMs and lubricant experts working in collaboration to gain insights from the latest test methodologies will form a solid foundation for true copper confidence. 

Is it time to embrace more innovative copper compatibility testing that is tailored to the materials and operating conditions found in electric powertrains? Read the article below to find out!

This article featured in the March 2023 edition of Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Magazine


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