How Test Simulation Can Drive Slideway Success

The slideway lubricant is a critical driver of productivity in precision manufacturing. The lubricant must reduce friction and prevent stick-slip to ensure the accuracy of machine movement. Still, it also needs to deliver good fluid separability so that the performance of the metalworking fluids is maintained at a high level for a long time. Unfortunately, these two core requirements can be chemically opposed. Investing beyond standard industry lab testing to simulate the field is the best way to gain a deeper understanding of the factors affecting real-world slideway performance.

This level of insight allows for enhanced understanding and development of highly optimized slideway lubricant packages that give the best friction and fluid separability. The article below explores how only by confidently moving lubricant performance in relevant areas will the ultimate aim of maximum productivity at minimum cost become a reality.


This article was published in the October 2022 edition of Lube Magazine.


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