HiTEC® 55531

Effective Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor with Detergent Properties

Key Performance Benefits

  • Highly eff ective rust and corrosion control for all types of metal parts
  • Excellent water tolerance with minimum risk of sludge formation
  • Improved detergency
  • Excellent rust protection in grease formulations especially in EMCOR (ASTM D6138) and standard bearing corrosion (ASTM D1743/D5969) tests


HiTEC® 55531 Additive is a high-quality sulfonate. It is an extremely eff ective rust and corrosion inhibitor with detergent properties. HiTEC® 55531 Additive is typically used in car body corrosion inhibitor gels and rust inhibiting formulations such as slushing, penetrating and chain oils as well as lubricating greases. Other typical applications are storage and calibrating oils.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 100°C
Shelf Life: 36 months @ ambient (10-40°C)

Recommended Dosage

Dosages for HiTEC® 55531 Additive will vary with application, base stock quality, or thickener. Please contact your Afton Chemical representative for specifi c recommendations.