OTR® 8005G

Diesel Fuel Additives
当前区域可用情况 North America

Key Performance Benefits

  • Helps keep injectors clean
  • Increases fuel stability and corrosion control, reducing filter plugging, sludge formation, and fuel system corrosion
  • Can provide additional protection with higher dosages (see Recommended Dosage table)


OTR® 8005G is an economical, multifunctional diesel fuel additive formulated to provide injector cleanliness and improved fuel stability. It is safe for use in heavy-duty diesel powered equipment for on-road, off-road, and marine use. OTR® 8005G has been specially formulated for today’s modern diesel fuels and typical biodiesel blends. This product qualifies for the USA EPA 40CFR80.591A certification, meaning the product contains <15 ppm (mg/L) sulfur. Please contact your Afton sales representative for more information.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Recommended Dosage