HiTEC® 12050

HDEO Additive Package

Key Performance Benefits

Truck owner drivers and fleet managers are constantly striving to lower operating costs so they can remain competitive, protect their businesses and support their families. They want reliable, cost effective Heavy Duty Engine Oils for their trucks that are outside OEM warranty period.

Oil companies are also operating in highly competitive environments and want help to remain competitive and grow their market share. This is especially true in emerging markets in the growing HDEO mainline (API CH-4, API CI-4) tier.

HiTEC® 12050 is an effective solution for oil marketers to competitively target HDEO mainline API CH-4 and CI-4 and cascades down to cover API CG-4 and CF-4 at lower treat rates. It offers 15W-40 and 20W-50 viscosity grade coverage. HiTEC® 12050 also has MB 228.3 specification coverage @ 9% treat rate.

Passion for Solutions®

  • HiTEC® 12050 was developed using Afton’s Passion For Solutions® approach and taps into market knowledge and end user insights from truck owners and fleet managers
  • HiTEC® 12050 has been field tested to 40,000km where it demonstrated excellent wear protection as well as viscosity and TBN retention
  • Brought to you by a global additive partner with over 90 years’ experience formulating and manufacturing HDEO additives

Recommended Dosage

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp (<5 days): 70˚C
Shelf Life: 24 months at ambient temperature


Typical Characteristics