Fuel Antioxidants & Stabilizers

Afton fuel antioxidants help manage free-radical reactions in gasoline, biofuel and jet fuel to meet fuel-stability and quality specifications.

Fuel instability results from many different reactions, but free-radical reactions are the most important in gasoline, biofuel and jet fuel. Afton Chemical fuel antioxidants can manage these reactions to help refiners meet national and international fuel-stability and quality specifications.

Olefinic components are often used to maximise gasoline volumes in refineries, despite being fundamentally unstable to oxidation, principally via free-radical propagation. Gasoline containing these components can be prone to gum formation, color degradation and shortened induction periods. Biofuels are prone to sediment formation when oxidized.

The presence of significant levels of hydroprocessed components in jet fuels can be prone to forming peroxides, which can attack fuel-system elastomers.

Afton fuel antioxidants stabilize these fuels. This can extend induction periods, control gum and sediment formation, and inhibit peroxide formation.