HiTEC® 9450

Passenger Car Engine Oil Additive Package
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Strong fuel economy performance
  • Excellent engine durability


HiTEC® 9450 engine oil additive is specially designed for use in catalyst compatible oils. These particular oils are used in light duty vehicles fitted with after-treatment systems, gasoline catalytic converter, and diesel particulate filter technology.
Upgraded to ACEA 2021 and MB 229.31 (V2019.1), with no changes needed to formulations, componentry or treat rates; HiTEC® 9450 has demonstrated its future proof crednetials being able to meet the new ACEA C5 specification. 

The two key performance benefits from HiTEC® 9450:
-     Strong Fuel Economy Performance: HiTEC® 9450 meets ACEA C5
-     Excellent Engine Durability: HiTEC® 9450 delivers reserve performance in 3 key areas needed for durability; wear protection, sludge control and engine cleanliness. 

The HiTEC® 9450 specification coverage fits the needs of independent workshops and end users looking for a cost-effective engine oil for out of warranty vehicles. With a growing diesel vehicle parc now outside of warranty, HiTEC® 9450 is the right additive technology offering engine durability relevant to workshops and fuel economy relevant to consumers.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Recommended Storage and Handling Temperature: 55-60°C
Maximum Blending and Handling Temperature: 65°C
Maximum Long Term Storage Temperature: 60°C
Shelf Life, months at ambient (10-40°C): 24 months

Recommended Dosage

The recommended treat-rate for HiTEC® 9450 is 12.40% wt. for ACEA C5/C3/C2-21, API SN and MB 229.31.