HiTEC® 8822

Heavy Duty Engine Oil Additive Package
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Covers both CNG and diesel applications
  • Broad OEM profiles
  • Reduces inventories and simplifies logistics
  • Proven field trial performance
  • Offers the lowest treat-rate on the market
  • Delivers an economic formulation style using:
  • Group I base stocks
  • Conventional  OCP



The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine population is growing significantly under the influence of tighter emission legislation and the rarefaction of liquid fuel.

CNG engines operate under more severe conditions than diesel engines. Higher operating temperatures lead to increased stress on the lubricants. Until now, no one has developed a lubricant additive that delivers a complete solution by allowing formulation of both conventional HDEO and robust CNG Engine Oil with a single additive.


Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 70˚C
Shelf Life: 24 months at ambient temperature

Recommended Dosage

HiTEC® 8822 can be used at the specified treat -rates to meet the following OEM specifications: