HiTEC® 8788B

Heavy Duty Engine Oil Additive Package

Key Performance Benefits

  • Simple Formulation
    • HiTEC® 8788B additive package uses a simple formulation style, using conventional OCP Viscosity Modifier (VM) and a mix of Group I and Group III base stocks.
    • HiTEC® 8788B additive is formulated with a lower ash content which reduces the stress on the emissions control system, it also maximizes detergency without detriment to the formulation cost.
  • With Performance Reserve
    • HiTEC® 8788B additive package is designed to deliver performance reserve in demanding industry and OEM specifications covering long drain applications.
    • HiTEC® 8788B additive package is formulated to exceed the performance of the ACEA E4-22 specification and demonstrates excellent performance in a severe biodiesel environment.



HiTEC® 8788B additive package brings formulation simplicity at the plant whilst delivering inventory and logistical cost savings. It’s designed to deliver performance reserve in demanding OEM specification engine tests as well as being suitable for long drain applications. This technology ensures durability under severe operations and helps reduce mainstream costs.


Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Maximum handling temperature: 70 °C
Shelf life:  24 months at ambient temperature

Recommended Dosage

Contact your Afton representative for recommended dosages.