HiTEC® 152

Tackifier Component
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HiTEC® 152 tackifier component is a tackiness additive consisting of a dilution of a high molecular weight (1.6 million M.W. average) poly-isobutylene in mineral oil. HiTEC® 152 tackifier component is used to improve lubricant retention time on working surfaces, and can be used to formulate bar and chain lubricants, open gear lubricants, and slideway oils. HiTEC® 152 is also useful in grease (all soap types) to reduce water spray off; HiTEC® 152 may be used in a variety of lubricants which are delivered via a misting system - in these systems HiTEC® 152 will reduce the tendency for fogging.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Superior tackiness
  • Surface adhesion
  • Mist Coalescence
  • Multifunctional - suitable for use in a range of lubricant and grease applications

Recommended Dosage

Typical dosages range between 0.5% to 2.0% wt. for the formulation of bar and chain lubricants, open-gear lubricants, slideway oils and other oils. Please contact your Afton Chemical representative for specific recommendations.

Typical Characteristics

Handling  Infomation

Max Handling Temp: 80°C
Shelf Life: 60 months

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