HiTEC® 7197G

Antiwear Agent for Greases
Current region availability: North America
To inquire about availability in other regions or to find out more contact your Afton Representative.


HiTEC® 7197G antiwear agent is a thermally stable, mixed alcohol, all primary, zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate. It provides wear protection and antioxidant performance in lithium, lithium complex, and other types of grease  thickeners.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Proven wear protection
  • Excellent antioxidancy
  • High thermal stability

Recommended Dosage

HiTEC® 7197G is used at dosages of 0.3% wt. to 5.0% wt. depending upon the application and desired performance level. Please contact your Afton Chemical Representative for specific recommendations.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: (<24 hrs) 55°C
Shelf Life: 30 months @ ambient (10-35°C)


HiTEC® 7197G Additive provides improved performance in wear, oxidation stability, and corrosion protection - both as the primary component or in the presence of sulfur EP additives, such as HiTEC® 312G Sulfurized Isobutylene Additive, commonly used together in grease formulations.

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