Industrial Gear

Afton Chemical’s industrial gear plays a key role in driving the efficiency and productivity you need through tailored solutions.

Afton Chemical’s industrial gear oil additive technology plays a key role in driving the efficiency and productivity you need through tailored solutions.

Much of our focus is on improved resistance against micropitting, with advanced additive technologies for high performance gearboxes. This protection technology extends machinery life, reduces oil consumption and improves the drain intervals of the oils – all of which reduce operating and manpower costs. This technology and our role in the demanding wind turbine market have established our position as a global leader.

Industrial gear oils formulated using Afton’s additives meet all of the standard industry specifications and needs. And beyond industry specifications, we help you minimize inventory and reduce cross contamination risk by giving you the ability to top treat and build off our solid core HiTEC® 350 multifunctional gear oil additive.

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Why Afton?

  • Scientists in our state-of-the-art research facility are focused on specific solutions for our customers in this sector
  • We have world class manufacturing facilities dedicated to gear additive production
  • Customers can count on our efficient global supply chain
  • Afton has OEM representatives in every region to stay abreast of hardware developments 
  • Our extensive rig and test stand laboratories support  efficient and targeted product development

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