Fuel & Lubricant Lubricity Improvers

Afton lubricity improvers help restore natural lubricity properties to achieve cleaner fuels and economically meet diesel-fuel specifications.
Afton Chemical lubricity improvers help restore natural lubricity properties in fuels and provide the most economic route to on-specification fuels.  

Desulfurization is a key driver in the push for cleaner fuels. As a diesel fuel’s sulfur level (<500ppm) is reduced, the fuel’s inherent lubricity characteristics are also reduced. Diesel fuels with poor lubricity characteristics can lead to pump wear and eventually vehicle failure. As a result, lubrication properties have become a key parameter of diesel-fuel specifications.  

Afton offers a comprehensive range of lubricity improvers to address our global customers’ requirements. Depending on geography, climate, handling capability and performance targets, Afton will recommend a specific additive to address your specific requirements.

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