HiTEC® 3973

Octane Booster
Current region availability: Asia Pacific
To inquire about availability in other regions or to find out more contact your Afton Representative.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Raises octane in unleaded gasoline
  • BMW level deposit control performance
  • PFI keep clean/cleanup performance
  • Reduces octane requirement increase
  • Reduces knock and ping
  • Reduces engine run-on
  • Reduces valve seat wear
  • Regular use lowers emissions
  • Improves driveability
  • Compatible with leaded gasoline
  • Compatible with RFG and gasohol


HiTEC® 3973 is an octane booster and emissions reducer for unleaded gasoline.

Recommended Dosage

Please contact your Afton Chemical representative for specific recommendations.

Typical Characteristics

MMT is extremely photosensitive and decomposes rapidly when exposed to light. The half life of MMT vapor in air is less than one minute when exposed to light. Photolytic action converts the organic compound to a mixture of non-hazardous manganese oxides, carbonates and organics derived from methylcyclopentadiene.

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