HiTEC® 3000

Fuel Additive
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Key Performance Benefits

HiTEC® 3000 fuel additive utilises Afton’s patented mmt® octane improver to allow refiners to optimise production by reducing energy consumption and refinery emissions whilst maintaining gasoline octane quality.

Use of HiTEC® 3000 can therefore also increase gasoline pool octane quality without increased energy consumption, providing the most cost effective means to meeting specification, and marketing, octane quality requirements.

Primary Benefits

Improved Economics - Use of mmt® in very small amounts (one drop per litre gasoline) increases octane in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner, allowing for optimum gasoline blending and produc- tion, increased refinery flexibility and reduced need for component storage

Reduced Energy Consumption - Allows refiners to lower unit operation severity, resulting in lower crude consumption, extension of gasoline pool and improved refinery efficiency

Sustainable Environment - Reduces emissions of greenhouse gases at the refinery and allows cleaner burning fuel formulations
Optimal Performance - Provides wear protection for older vehicles and maintains modern vehicle emissions systems at optimum performance.

Globally Approved - Afton’s HiTEC® 3000 (mmt®) is the only metallic gasoline additive fully tested, and approved by the US EPA under the US Clean Air Act*.  mmt® is also registered under the EU REACH legislation.
*US Clean Air Act Section 211(f). 

Recommended Dosage

Typical treat rates can be up to 18 mg Mn/litre. Please contact Afton Chemical for further details. 

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