Aditivos para combustible diésel

Los aditivos de desempeño para diesel de Afton pueden ayudar a mejorar la economía de combustible, la potencia y la aceleración, y a reducir las emisiones.

Performance fuel additives help light duty vehicles maintain design performance by cleaning vital components in the fuel system and protecting them from harm. Additionally our additives can be used to enhance vehicle performance such as power, acceleration and fuel economy while helping to reduce emissions and protect our environment.  

Afton Chemical is one of the world’s leading suppliers of performance additives for light duty vehicles such as passenger cars and motorbikes. We recognize the need to understand the changing environment of regulations, fuel specifications, alternate fuels and new engine technology and how these changes affect your products and your customers’ experience.

We work closely with OEMs in North America, Asia, and Europe, and get valuable feedback in vehicle selection and test design of new vehicle and engine technology, including: GDI engines, E85 vehicles, hybrid vehicles, high-speed direct injection diesel vehicles and emission controls. 

As we embark into an era where new gasoline direct injection (GDI) industry tests will increase the importance that additives play in making gasoline fuel cleaner and engines more efficient, your Afton GD1 Headquarters is where you can understand more about GDI and how Afton can help.

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