Light-Duty Gasoline Performance Additives

Afton gasoline performance additives can help improve fuel economy, power and acceleration, and reduce emissions to meet regulatory and marketing needs.
Afton Chemical's patented Mannich detergent chemistry is the backbone of our gasoline perforamce additive products. Our fully scalable solutions can meet the entire range of your cleanliness challenges – from meeting regulatory requirements to supporting performance claims in the latest fuels and engines in your markets.
We provide deposit control additives tailored to regional engine-platform types and fuels relevant for your market. 
With the increasing use of direct injection (DIG) engine technology, our gasoline additive chemistries provide market-leading performance to improve fuel economy, reduce vehicle emissions and increase consumer satisfaction.
Our friction-modification chemistries play an important role in achieving fuel economy and power improvements. Backed by robust data this enables some of the leading fuel marketing claims.
Whether you’re focusing on promoting a premium product, protecting your market share or developing an aftermarket product, Afton has the right gasoline additive solution.