Passenger Car Engine Oil

Afton passenger car motor oil additives can help reduce emissions, improve performance and fuel economy, and extend engine life.

Our engine oil portfolio is led by our passenger car motor oil additives. We deliver insightful, differentiated solutions that help our customers deliver premium value for automotive engine oils. 

Afton Chemical passenger car motor oil additives enable you to reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, extend engine life, and excite car owners with performance differentiation. Our products, such as those that are ILSAC GF-5 or ACEA 2012 capable, provide wide base stock coverage and viscosity modifier flexibility, while ensuring cost efficiency.

Why Afton? 

  • Our product range meets the latest specifications, including ACEA 2012
  • Afton is a market leader in ILSAC GF-5/API SN PCMO and GM dexos1™:2010 additives
  • We offer wide base oil and formulation flexibility and viscosity grade coverage
  • Our development efforts focus on cost-effective solutions with logistical simplicity
  • We can help you meet demanding OEM approvals while also making durability, robustness and fuel economy a priority
  • Afton products are proven and backed by millions of miles of field trial data 
  • Our design approach involves close partnering with our customers to develop differentiated motor oil products

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