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14th ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

November 28-30, 2018, Hyatt Regency Jersey City, NJ, USA

HiTEC® 33200 VII Shear Stable Gear Lubricant Polymer

Introducing HiTEC® 33200, Afton Chemical’s latest Shear Stable Gear Lubricant Polymer. This breakthrough solution is designed to assist the formulation of a wide variety of driveline lubricants and achieve the ideal balance between gear oil handling characteristics and cost.

Afton's Powerful Polymer Portfolio


Afton Liquid OCP VM Products Now Made in Asia

As part of our Made in Asia strategy, Afton now produces these two liquid OCP VM products in Singapore, delivering immediate benefits straight to our customers.

Afton Chemical presents eMobility Fluids published by Transmission Technology International Magazine

Early collaboration and relevant eMobility fluid testing reduce risk and can give a real competitive edge to automotive engineers as time-to-market is compressed.

GFC Annual Conference

November 14-15, 2018, Paris, France

ICIS & ELGI Asian Industrial Lubricants Conference

November 14-15, 2018, Park Royal on Pickering, Singapore
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