Связующие присадки
Используются в смазочных материалах на водной основе для стабилизации концентратов и эмульсий
Детергенты и ингибиторы коррозии
Поддерживают чистоту металлических поверхностей и предотвращают коррозию
Дисперсанты и эмульгаторы
Предотвращают образование осадка, нагара и прочих отложений в критических местах
Противозадирные и противоизносные агенты
Защита соприкасающихся поверхностей против задиров и истирания
Антипенные присадки
Улучшение смазывающей способности и сокращение необходимости в техническом обслуживании
Модификаторы трения
Предотвращают возникновение задиров и точечное выкрашивание, снижают износ и шум
Pour Point Depressants
Allow mineral oils to efficiently function at low temperatures
Seal Swell Additives
Maintain the integrity of certain elastomeric materials
Tackiness Additives
Increase the adhesive properties of a lubricant
Thickeners & Viscosity Index Improvers
Reduce the degree of change in lubricant viscosity

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STLE Annual Meeting & Convention 2021

May 17-20, 2021; Virtual Event

Total Base Number: How low can YOU go?

Creating a successful engine oil formulation requires balance, expertise and an accurate assessment of conditions. This article explores how these three things are crucial in providing the correct amount of TBN for your oil.

The Role of TBN in Engine Oil

TBN (Total Base Number) is an important part of the detergent in an engine oil. It is designed to react and neutralize acids in the engine. Afton understands TBN and develops engine oil additive packages to work in the markets and conditions a customer needs to optimize their engine oil needs. To help stop our customers from paying more for chemistry than is needed and help ensure longer drain intervals, we have produced a fact sheet answering some of the important questions surrounding TBN.

HiTEC® 12400 There for the long haul. Afton is here for all your Heavy Duty Engine Oil needs.


How Afton's additives for Gasoline Direct Injection technology plays a part in keeping our skies blue

We all want to wake up to a blue sky. Afton Chemical as part of its commitment to making the world a better place is continually investing in and providing technology that enables fuels to burn cleaner and vehicle run smoother.

Afton Chemical launches HiTEC® 35701

The world’s first Electrified Transmission Fluid additive specifically created for all eAxle types including direct-cooled electric motors with multi-speed systems.

Afton Chemical presents dexos™1 Gen3 Performance Without Compromise.

Understanding these new demands and the potential contradictory impact on other performance needs is the lubricant formulator's role. Understanding the evolutionary path that engineers have followed to enhance the internal combustion engine's efficiency in modern designs provides the key insight for formulators to design the optimum lubricant for those engines, performance without compromise. The latest Afton technology for GM dexos™1 aims to meet the minimum standard to anticipate the performance areas where a superior lubricant can provide a genuine benefit to GM and deliver that optimum solution.
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