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The Future of eMobility, a podcast with ABN Resource


Tried and tested: How the right questions can unlock gear oil performance

Developing the next generation of gearbox lubricants demands a fresh look at how gear oil is evaluated.

Electrified transmission fluid design

Proven performance history is attractive for OEMs hoping to avoid the need for dedicated electrified transmission fluid (ETF) in the supply chain.

Why lubricant electrical properties matter?

As vehicle drivetrains become increasingly electrified, lubricants will encounter more and more new hardware.

Turbine lubrication – a fresh look

Premium lubricants that meet or exceed OEM specifications not only boost the productivity and longevity of high-efficiency steam and gas turbines, but they can also be tailored to enhance certain aspects of performance – such as extend service life.

Afton Chemical Asia awarded honourable mention for Best Practices in the Energy Efficiency National Partnership Awards 2021

Singapore, 19th October 2021, Afton Singapore chemical additive manufacturing facility’s air compressor energy reduction project has been awarded honourable mention for the EENP Awards 2021 by National Environment Agency.

How HDEO is responding to changing hardware trends

Commercial vehicle (CV) engine hardware has evolved significantly over the last three decades in order to respond to the global focus on emissions reduction and fuel economy requirements. Heavy Duty Engine Oils (HDEO) must evolve and anticipate these trends to meet current and future performance demands.
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