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The Next Generation of Monoacid Lubricity Improvers

Afton Chemical’s monoacids have successfully treated about 1 out of every 5 gallons of diesel fuel consumed in the United States since 2008, accounting for more than 500 billion miles of trouble-free operation.

Think Fuels, Think Afton

With nearly a century of experience in fuel and lubricant additives, Afton has developed a unique understanding of how fuels interact with engine oils.

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Industrial - 9-Octadecenoic acid(z)-, reaction products with 3-(dodecenyl) dihydro-, 2,5-furandione and triethylenetetramine Product Stewardship Summary


Industrial - S-Alkenyl-O,O-Dialkyldithiophosphates Product Stewardship Summary


Afton Chemical GF-6 Solutions Designed to Meet the Challenges of China Emissions Regulations


HiTEC® 3488 Two Transmissions. One Solution. Endless Efficiency.

The transmission additive that pulls double duty, HiTEC® 3488.
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