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NLGI’s High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease Specifications


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Total Base Number: How low can YOU go?

Creating a successful engine oil formulation requires balance, expertise and an accurate assessment of conditions. This article explores how these three things are crucial in providing the correct amount of TBN for your oil.

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Afton Chemical announces Phase 3 investment in the Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility to add GPA blending capabilities

Singapore, 25th August 2020, Afton Chemical Corporation, a global leader in the lubricant and fuel additive market, has received approval from the Afton Chemical board to invest in Gasoline Performance Additives (GPA) blending capabilities at its Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility.

The Role of TBN in Engine Oil

TBN (Total Base Number) is an important part of the detergent in an engine oil. It is designed to react and neutralize acids in the engine. Afton understands TBN and develops engine oil additive packages to work in the markets and conditions a customer needs to optimize their engine oil needs. To help stop our customers from paying more for chemistry than is needed and help ensure longer drain intervals, we have produced a fact sheet answering some of the important questions surrounding TBN.

eMobility: are you on the CASE?

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