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Join Afton at NLGI 2022

Join Afton at the 2022 NLGI Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Afton Chemical Introduces Greenclean™ 3 Detergent Technology in North America for Diesel Fuel


Chemistry is Everything

Read the article to understand how dedicated lubricants for electrified heavy duty commercial vehicles are designed to handle the high demands of eCV motors.

Novel Calcium Sulphonate Grease Exceeds in Unexpected Places

With vehicle electrification being prioritized by governments and OEMs worldwide, more and more lithium is needed to manufacture the huge numbers of batteries required from an industry that has limited capacity to supply.

ACEA 2022 Sequences Released for Heavy-Duty Engine Oils


Greenclean 3 - Keeping Your Trucks Working in a Demanding World


Join Afton at STLE 2022

Join Afton Chemical at the upcoming STLE Key Driver Seminar "Global Trends in Electrified Drivetrain Solutions: The Role of Fluids and Lubricants" on May 18, 2022.
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