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Driveline Additives

  • What Are Licensed ATFs?
  • Can improperly formulated ATFs harm a transmission?
  • Why Use Licensed ATFs?
  • Which transmissions need an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)?

Engine Oil Additives

  • Why is LSPI significant?
  • What is PC11?

Fuel Additives

  • How is the cetane number determined?
  • What is Cetane Index?
  • Why is cetane number important?


  • Are Afton’s products changing?
  • Does Afton have an email address for GHS inquiries about Afton’s products?
  • What is the regulatory timescale in the US for introducing GHS?
  • Is GHS global and harmonized?
  • What is GHS?
  • What is the purpose of GHS?
  • When is Afton introducing GHS in other countries of the world?
  • When is Afton introducing GHS in the US?
  • Where can I find out more about OSHA’s GHS requirements?
  • Will Afton issue one Safety Data Sheet to cover both the US and Canada?

Industrial Additives

  • How do I get a product recommendation for a specific industrial application?
  • Fact or Fiction? If I add more antifoam my fluid will have exceptional foam control.
  • Where can I find out more information about Industrial lubricants and Afton Chemical’s product ranges?
  • I think my fluid is contaminated. There is zinc in my zinc free fluid, where could it come from?
  • When is a tackifier required in a slideway application?
  • What is a spindle oil and what are Afton’s recommendations for a spindle oil formulation?
  • What are the benefits of using a Grease additive packages rather than a component approach?
  • What base oils are suited to industrial applications?
  • How do I prevent emulsions forming in my turbine lubricant?
  • What do turbine lubricants do?
  • I thought only zinc containing hydraulic lubricants offered antiwear protection?
  • What is the difference between static and dynamic seals testing in Industrial gear applications and why is it important?
  • I hear contamination is causing issues in Industrial gearboxes, what does this mean?
  • What do Industrial Gear lubricants do?

Logistics & Supply

  • What is Afton's approach to Business Continuity Planning?

Lubricant Components

  • How are friction modifiers used in industrial gear lubricants?
  • What is the purpose of emulsifiers?
  • How can rust and corrosion inhibitors extend equipment life?
  • How do Afton's foam inhibitors work?

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